Month: March 2022

Month: March 2022

Softplay Bookings – A System Built For You

Softplay Bookings – The System Built For The Softplay Industry

Are you tired of manual processes? Do you want to transform your business and move online? Let us show you how easy it can be!

Softplay Bookings is the online booking software modernising the softplay sector. Our designers and developers have collaborated to create a concept made specifically for the softplay industry.

When creating Softplay bookings, it was really important to us that we understood and prioritised the needs and wants of the industry itself. That is why we collaborated with experts in the field to build something that we know works in real time for the people that need it.

What have we considered?


We know how the Softplay Industry works and with that, comes an understanding of how you run your company and the challenges that brings on a day to day basis. Our aim is to help make your life, as a business owner, simpler and more lucrative, whilst giving you all the modern tools to improve your way of working. Replacing manual processes with online solutions saves you times, improves your service and enhances your resources, ultimately driving growth within your business and increasing profit.


We understand that as a Softplay Business, your customers are your foundation, and our goal is to make their experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. A happy customer is a returning customer, and Softplay Bookings works to make sure every customer that uses our system has an experience that they would be keen to replicate over and over again. Saving your customers time, and making the booking process straight forward is our priority, and at Softplay Bookings we achieve just that.


We know that Softplay Bookings revolutionises businesses. With its intuitive work flows, through to it’s impressive reporting functions, our aim is to inform strategy and drive growth through our digital solutions.

Find out more about how Softplay Bookings can revolutionise your business today, and the incredibly competitive price packages we offer.

Moving The Softplay Sector Online

Softplay Bookings Is The Modern Solution For Softplay Businesses Everywhere

Softplay Bookings is the innovative software tool created specifically for the soft play industry. We provide an online solution for our clients who wish to eradicate manual processes and modernise the way they do business.

Softplay Bookings enables our clients to manage their soft play centres from one intuitive dashboard, controlling session times, pricing and client payments, special events, reporting and so much more.

What can going online offer your business?

  • Improve Customer Experience – our software enables your customers to browse, book and pay at the click of a button
  • Explore Unlocked Potential – Softplay Bookings gives you the freedom to easily explore areas of potential revenue that you may not have considered before
  • Get The Message Out – all your customers are available to you at the click of a button – reach them quickly and easily with news and offers to promote your business
  • Make The Most Out Of Your Resources – going online means that time spent on manual administration is significantly decreased, meaning your time and attention can be spent on the things you need to focus on
  • Inform Your Strategy – our advanced reporting function ensures that you are in the know and informed on all areas of your business at all times
  • A Plan That Works For You – our pricing plan is incredibly competitive, meaning that going online does not mean a high cost to your business

Discover all the benefits going online can bring today and book a free demo with one of our team at Softplay Bookings!