Month: January 2022

Month: January 2022

How To Report & Review Your Softplay Business

It is essential for the growth and success of your business to be able to efficiently report and review on a regular basis to enable you to inform your strategy moving forward. This is why we have placed such importance on a robust and detailed reporting function within Softplay Bookings.

We know that every business will require different information which is why we are always developing our reporting functions to include new options to ensure that you are as informed as possible month to month. From booking types, to age breakdowns, client cancellations to revenue intakes, the data you review from our reports will allow you to inform your development strategy and expand your business in the best possible way.

Want To Add Extra Sessions For The Holidays?

School holidays are a great opportunity to offer your customers extra sessions and alternative times to visit. Offering extended hours during school holidays can be a fantastic way to increase your revenue and expand your customer base.

Remember to use our Ad Hoc Extra Sessions feature to add any extra, out of the ordinary sessions for your customers to book onto throughout the Easter Holidays. You can set specific times, dates and pricing just for these sessions.